Much of the work we do doesn’t fit nicely in a box with clear lines and easy-to-follow instructions. It’s the intangible bits that weave between a brand, content, positioning and sales strategy, creating connections with your target audience, raising brand awareness and influencing behaviour. Some people call these connections your brand personality or soul; we call these connections our lifeline because once we’ve tapped into this emotional space, we’ve struck gold and pushed your brand closer to becoming an icon. 

Many agencies will design just a logo or build just a website—they might even write a few words—but that’s not how we work. Just isn’t good enough. We want the whole brand, the whole experience, the whole story. We want everything.


Just going 'digital' won't cut it, just publishing content won’t breakthrough and just trying different tactics won’t shift sales —at least no more than throwing darts blindfolded, hoping one will hit. But we know how to win. Our experience and knowledge helps you find your authentic brand voice, tell your story and share it through digital media to millions to encourage desired behaviour (whatever that desired behaviour is—from reading, to sharing, to buying, to shouting).

In this digital world, brands must innovate or die, which means stepping away from archaic models and embracing creative and bold strategies.  


We delve into minds and extract desires and motivations. We scan the competitive landscape and watch as other brands compete aimlessly for mind space. Basically, we get inside your target audience's mind to learn how they think and then your competition’s mind to learn how they work. We translate these observations and our fact-based knowledge into a strategy for recognition, growth and loyalty. Then we implement the strategy, measure and refine as one becomes thousands and a legend is born. Read more about our exact method here. 

We can’t promise you’ll become an icon, but we can promise that when your audience finds you (thanks to MadLegs Media and of course, a great product or service), they will greet you with glee, connect, remember you and return. We're certain because we know that the game is won by winning the mind. Emotion is how we play.


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